SM-3210T TRT Specia corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor

The special corrosion inhibitor is developed on the basis of blast furnace gas flow rate, temperature, composition property, TRT scaling position, scaling sample property and so on.
The special scale and corrosion inhibitor has the characteristics of pertinence, high efficiency and economy, and can solve the scaling and corrosion problems well, and inhibit the formation of ammonium chloride crystalline salt in the unit. At the same time, the oxidation film is formed on the blade to reduce the corrosion and scour of the acid gas and dust in the coal chlorine, so as to achieve the best effect of alkali slow corrosion.

Principle and characteristics of action:
After the agent is injected into the blast furnace gas, the gasification and uniform mixing can be realized in an instant by means of the gas temperature and kinetic energy.
Eutectic or adsorbed on the surface of the crystal of inorganic salt in the reagent and gas, which distorts the crystal lattice and destroys the crystalline behavior and orientation of inorganic salt; in the gas, the switch and size of the crystal are changed to avoid the formation of the three-dimensional network structure between the crystals, to prevent the continuous formation and development of the crystal, and to prevent the salt crystal (scale) in the gas from depositing in the turbine blades, rotors, and other parts.

The surface active component in the medicament can clean the surface of the blade, eliminate the charge on the metal surface and prevent the impurity from attaching on the blade.

The medicament forms a layer of corrosion and scale inhibition protective film on the surface of the blade, to prevent the salt components and acid gas from contacting the blade surface and keep the metal surface of the other parts of the blade device smooth
The medicament absorbs the acid gas in the gas, reduces the concentration of the acid gas, achieves the inhibition effect, and prevents the occurrence of the pitting corrosion.


Physicochemical index:




Light yellow or brown liquid

Density, g/cm3


PH value (1% aqueous solution)



Oil weight dispersion


Product descritption:

Performance: This product according to the characteristics of the TRT device, the development of a special corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor. It can reach the gasification state at high temperature in the blast furnace gas pipeline. The uniform mixture of gasification agent and flue gas can effectively restrain and shield the scaling in the TRT plant. And can form an oxide film on the surface of the blade to prevent corrosion of the best effect. This product has the function of forming film, cleaning and neutralizing acid.


The dosing device is used continuously. The dosing port of the gas pipeline is selected at a distance of 1.0 ~ 1.2 meters after the quick cutting valve of the feeding device, the filling depends on the scaling of the TRT plant, and the general dosing concentration is 60-100g/104m3h. If there is floating or dirty phenomenon, can be used after shaking, does not affect the effect of use.

Packaging and storage and transportation:
This product is packed in 25kg or 250kg plastic drum; store in a cool and dry place; valid for 12 months. Handle with care to avoid impact.


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