SM-3210M Series coal water slurry additives

Performance features:

◎The product is a kind of polymeric terpolymer which is synthesized by methyl naphthalene sulfonate, styrene sulfonate and zinc-based phenol by special process.

Then, sodium lignosulfonate, osmotic agent, carboxymethyl cellulose and so on were added to form environment-friendly coal water slurry additives;

◎The product has good adaptability of coal type and technology, is convenient to use, and can adjust the molecular weight and structure according to the type of coal, to meet most of the domestic coal water slurry manufacturers and the majority of domestic coal for the preparation of coal water slurry requirements;

◎The product has the characteristics of low addition rate, high concentration of coal slurry, good fluidity and stability of slurry, high shear resistance and so on.

Mechanism of action:

◎Improving the hydrophilicity of coal surface

The series of products is a chemical agent that can promote uniform dispersion of dispersed phase (coal particles in coal water slurry) in dispersing medium (water in coal water slurry). The main body of coal is non-polar hydrocarbon complex, the surface of all kinds of coal is hydrophobic, the surface tension of water is large, but the surface tension of coal is small, only to reduce the surface tension of water and increase the surface tension of coal. That is to reduce the interfacial tension between solid and liquid in order to achieve full wetting. However, even if the coal particle surface is wet, its large surface area will cause them to gather together and not disperse evenly.

◎The series of products are amphiphilic surfactants, one end of which is non-polar lipophilic group composed of hydrocarbons, and the other end is hydrophilic polar group. The nonpolar hydrophobic group easily binds to the coal surface of hydrocarbons, adsorbs on the coal particle surface, and introduces the hydrophilic group on the other end of the coal surface into the water. The strong hydrophilicity of polar groups transforms the hydrophobic surface of coal particles into hydrophilicity, which can form a hydration film, effectively reduce the surface tension of water and increase the surface tension of coal particles, so that the contact angle of wetting can be reduced to less than 50°. The coal particles are separated by hydration film to reduce the resistance between coal particles, thus achieving the role of reducing viscosity.

◎Enhancing electrostatic repulsion between coal particles

The precondition for the stable dispersion of colloidal particles is that the electrostatic repulsion between particles exceeds the paradigm gravity of particles. The ionic dispersant in additives can not only change the hydrophilicity of coal surface, but also enhance its electrostatic repulsive force, and further disperse coal particles in water medium.

◎Spatial isolation steric effect

The series of products are macromolecules, the adsorbed molecules have long hydrophilic chains, and three-dimensional hydration film is formed on the coal surface. When the particles are close to each other, a strong repulsive force is generated, resulting in the dispersion and suspension of the coal particles. The repulsive force 1 is a spatial isolation hindrance or steric hindrance. The product can effectively adsorb on the coal surface, improve the hydrophilicity of the coal, and form double electric layer and steric hindrance on the coal surface.

Physical and chemical indicators:


Types and technical parameters of SM-855 coal water slurry additives




Beige to brownish black powder

Beige to brownish black liquid

Effective substance content (%)



Other components (%)

≤10 (Moisture)

≤0.5 (Insoluble matter)

Density (20℃) g/cm3



PH value

≥8.0 (25% aqueous solution)


How to use:

◎SM-855 series coal water slurry additives can be adjusted to different concentrations of water agents and powders according to the needs of users. The addition rate of CWS additives (dry base) in CWS is suggested to range from 1 to 5 ‰(dry base coal).

◎The product is first configured with raw water or diluted to an aqueous solution of a specified concentration (suggested to be 5-10%) and pumped continuously into the coal grinding system at a certain flow rate by metering pump.

◎The amount of coal added in the field depends on the quality of coal, the water quality of pulverized coal, the characteristics of the combustion mixture, the technological parameters of slurry making and the performance requirements of coal slurry.

Packaging and storage:





Plastic bag woven bag

Polyethylene or polypropylene plastic drums


25kg bag

200kg or 1000kg barrels


Dry, ventilated storerooms, protected from insolation during transportation


12 months



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