SM-991W Stable chlorine dioxide bactericidal algaecide

Performance characteristics

◎This product is an effective, broad-spectrum and safe bactericidal algaecide. It is a substitute for chlorine. Its physical and chemical properties are stable.
◎The germicidal rate is stronger than chlorine, the action is faster and the efficacy is longer, for heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria.
◎It can be used in a wide range of PH value (6 ~10), but it still has a high bactericidal rate in the condition of high PH value.
◎Does not react with ammonia in cooling water or with most organic amines.
◎The scale and corrosion inhibitors used in the treatment of circulating cooling water have good compatibility.

Physicochemical index:


Colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid

Active matter content (in CIO2)


PH value (1% aqueous solution)


Density (20℃) g/cm3



Areas of application:
This product is used for the sterilization and algaecide treatment of industrial circulating cooling water, waste water treatment, swimming pool and other systems.


During normal operation, the dosage is 50 to 70 mg / L, adjusted according to the calcium hardness and total alkalinity in the supplementary water, and the PH value is 8.5-9.2.


Packaging and storage:
This product is packed in 25kg plastic drum; store in a cool and dry place; valid for 1 year.


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