SM-D-05C Low phosphorus corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor

Performance characteristics:

◎This product is composed of phosphonocarboxylic acid, sulfonic acid copolymer and corrosion inhibitor. It is a low phosphorus scale and corrosion inhibitor for circulating cooling water system;
◎It has strong complexation and solubilization effect on carbonate scale, prevents scale from precipitating on the surface of heat exchanger, and its scale inhibition effect is effective in the range of PH value 7.0-9.0;
◎Has the lattice distortion and the low limit inhibition function, has the very good inhibitive scale dispersing performance to the calcium carbonate scale;
◎It can quickly form adsorption film on the surface of copper, stainless steel and titanium alloy, and prevent the heat exchanger from being corroded by dissolved oxygen;
◎Has the high temperature resistance, the oxidation resistance and the good compatibility;
◎Compound medicament, the operation is simple;
◎Low phosphorus, cause no environmental pollution..


Physicochemical index:


Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Active matter content


Total phosphoric acid content (in PO43)


Orthophosphoric acid content (in PO43)


Phosphorous acid content (in PO43)


PH value (1% aqueous solution)


Density (20℃) g/cm3



Areas of application:

This product is specially used in circulating cooling water system, mainly suitable for chemical treatment of circulating cooling water system with medium and high hardness water quality. Under the conditions of high concentration rate and high PH value (8.5-9.2), its corrosion and scale inhibition performance is very good.


The dosage is determined according to different water quality and can be used simultaneously with sponge ball washing technology. The dosage was generally 15-30mg/L.

Packaging and storage:

◎This product is packed in 25kg or 250kg plastic drum;

◎Store in a cool and dry place;

◎Validity: 12 months.


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