SM-991N Germicidal slime stripping agent

Performance features:

◎The product is dissociated into cationic active group in aqueous solution, and its interaction with the group on microbial cell leads to bacteriolytic action and cell death.

◎The product has good algae-killing, slime peeling, cleaning effect, and has corrosion inhibition function;

◎The product is suitable for a wide range of PH, alkaline conditions to use the same effective;

◎The product is low toxicity, easy to use and safe to use.

Physical and chemical indicators:


Colorless or yellowish viscous liquid

Active matter content


Ammonium salt content


PH value


Areas of application:

The product is used for bactericidal and algae-killing treatment and slime stripping treatment in circulating cooling water system.

How to use:

When used alternately with oxidizing fungicides, 1-2 times per month, the dosage is 50-100 mg / L impingement into the catchment pool or suction well jet area according to the system retention water volume.

The use of the product will produce more foam, can be added to the right amount of defoamer.

Packaging and storage:

◎The product is packed in plastic drums made of 25kg or 50kg;

◎Store in a cool and ventilated place;

◎Validity: 12 months. 


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