SM-3210E Etidronic acid

Chemical structure:



◎excellentscale inhibition for calcium carbonate,calcium sulfateandbarium sulfate.

◎better threshold value.

◎strong chelation forcalcium ion,iron ion,cupric ion,zinc ionand aluminium ion .

◎well thermostable performance and antioxygenic property.

◎efficientcorrosion inhibition for carbon steel equipment 

◎hypotoxicity and environmental.



colorless or faint yellow transparent liquid

active matter content


phosphorous acid(PO33-)content


orthophosphoric acid(PO43-)content


PH(1% aqueous solution)




 Calcium chelate value(CaCO3)mg/g



This product is a corrosion inhibitor used widely in all kinds of circulating water system andboiler water.This is also ametal-chelator, dye-fixing agent,complexantfor electroplatingandScale-cleaning agent in textile, printing and dyeing industry.


This product can be compounded with PAA,BTA,molybdate,multipolymer and zinc salt as organic alkaline water treatment agents or low-phosphorous zinc-based water treatment agents.It is used widely in all kinds of circulating water system with different water quality.

When the product is added alone,thegeneral dosageis 2~10㎎/L.

Packaging and storage:

◎25㎏or 250㎏packed in a plastic drum.

◎Stored in a cool and dry place.

◎Usable life:1 year.


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